Founded in 2010, the founder has extensive experience combined with a group of professional young talents. CT Technology is the sole distributor of Climalife-GALCO (Belgium) and WHACOOL (China) refrigerant, Elke (Italy) leak stop in Taiwan; and agents of Taiwan's leading brand PATECH lubricants, INVENTEC paste solders, and has our own brand CT pipe cleaners Facilisolv, Frionett cleaners (France), ARMACELL insulation materials, EZ-CHECK electronic maintenance equipment, TIF, Robinair (US) refrigerant leak detector, Taiwan hand tools G3, adhere to provide the best products to customers.

We are positive towards internationalization and diversification of the business goal, our business and service are growing stable.
CT Technology with the world famous brand, hope that we can create a win-win situation with global customers , create a better future together!


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R22 Refrigerant Substitute


R22 has been restricted for many years, and there are still many devices that need to be filled with R22. Come and see which alternatives are suitable for you!

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning - Principle of Chillers


Topic is the principle of chillers~Including air conditioning applications, circulating cooling applications [air-cooled chiller] and [water-cooled chiller] performance comparison. And COP, EER, IPLV noun explanation

VRV system principle description & installation details


Actually came to the scene today! Introduce the principle of the VRV system to everyone, pay attention to the details of VRV installation and operation


Deeply apply the experience in refrigerants to various industries , we build a platform to provide customers with opportunities for innovation.